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Real mocassin

This type of working is the quintessence of softness and flexibility, and is performed by expert hands with mastery of handcrafting technique using the lightweight, flexible leather indispensable to complete the product with precision. The shoe envelops the foot in the most natural way, ensuring a comfortable fit and strength required to walk in complete freedom. In real moccasin working, the upper comes up from the outsole to cover the sides, and is fastened to the vamp by a series of tight folds and the typical hand stitching. The insole is inserted inside the shoe, which has now taken shape. Then the sole is applied and sewn.


In the Bologna process, also known as slip-lasting, the inside lining is stitched like a bag around the last, thus making the shoe softer and more flexible.


In the Blake method, the upper, the leather insole, and the sole are all sewn together with chain stitching. This stitching passes through a channel made in the sole to protect the stitches, otherwise the stitching comes away in direct contact with the ground.