In 2014, Renzo Favero and his family-run business celebrated forty years of activity in the shoe-making sector.

A long and fascinating journey marked by progressive achievements:


Renzo Favero began his adventure as an entrepreneur, specialising in the production of men's moccasins.


The first fully equipped facility and the launch of production of the Renzo Favero brand.


Ugo Favero, a true master of his craft, joined the firm with his experience, professionalism and creative ability to manage the development of the various models of shoes.


The Renzo Favero company moved into its present presences in via Aldo Moro in Lendinara. The company had a staff of 60 employees, as well as 70 people working from home. The daily production increased from 150 to 500 pairs.


The company maintained its craft imprint, but was organised as an industrial structure. The company became Renzo Favero srl, a leader on the international market in the production of moccasins.


The company entered new markets, such as China, the United Kingdom, America, without ever sacrificing quality.


In this year the company took an important step. Renzo Favero became the reliable partners of large, world-famous brands.


Today Renzo Favero srl is a strong, solid firm, in continuous growth, where the value of memory is an instrument for walking in the future.